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Care & Maintenance

Products from Durasein China are durable and repairable. It keeps the surfaces a fresh look for many years with simple routine care.

The instruction below is to preserve your Durasein China solid surface products.

1. Daily care
a. Damages caused by heat
Though Durasein solid surfaces have fine property of heat-resistance than its similar products, it cannot have direct contact with hot pans or kettles. To protect the surface, it would be better to use a heat pad or trivet on the surface. In fact, even the solid surface products from Corian cannot bare the temperature higher than 170º F.
b. Other damages
Common stains can be cleaned with ammonia detergent. When cleaning them, try not to extend the staining area. Keep the strong acid or alkali liquid away from the surfaces, or, clean the surfaces with water immediately to avoid any potential stains.
Do not cut food directly on the solid surfaces.

2. Maintenance
Using different methods for repair work according to different requirements for surface finish:
a. Matt surface:
Use 180 grit or 220 grit sandpaper to sand the surface until the cuts and scratches disappear. Then use soap, water and cloth to make the smoothness of the surface.
b. Half polished surface:
Use 400 grit sandpaper with the non-composite abrasive cleaning agent and white cloth for repair work.
c. Polished surface:
Use 400 grit or 600 grit sandpaper with a low speed (1500-2000) woollen polishing machine, and then polish with wax.
Remark: the above all sanding and polishing work should adopt the circular motion method.

3. Disinfection:
Use ordinary household disinfectant for the solid surfaces (the ratio of water to disinfection liquid is 1:1).

4. Cleaning
Water, soap and ammonia detergent can be used for routine cleaning.
For stubborn stains:
a. Matt surface:
Use abrasive detergent and papers. Choose different abrasive papers according to the sizes of stains and the degree of scratches.
b. Half polished surface:
Use the cloth with mixture of detergent and bleach for cleaning. Make sure the cleaning is in the circular motion.
c. Polished surface:
Use sponge or white polishing agent for cleaning. Make sure the cleaning is in the circular motion.


1. Substance on the solid surfaces that can be water cleaned: ordinary alkaline solution, coffee, juice, milk, household soap, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish remover, olive oil, soy sauce, shoe polish, synthetic detergent, tea, and vinegar.
2. Substance on the solid surface that can be removed with normal detergent: cosmetics, crayons, eye shadow, hair coloring agent, tomato sauce, and oil ink.