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The High Range in Kitchen Hoods

Imagine, develop and manufacture for the most demanding kitchen

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Energy Efficiency

Frecan take care of the planet.


Providing the best energy efficiency and protecting the environment.

Frecan luxury hoods have lighting and low-voltage motors, the most silent motors, the most efficient electronics and great extraction power.

From design to production


Innovation and detail come together to create an exquisite, unique range of kitchen extractor hoods, where silence, functionality and quality are converted into our insignia.


We provide customised work, taking care of each detail, from design to the final production process.

Frecan Essence

Products created and designed to live in the kitchen. We seek perfection in our designs, excellence in their performance and silent and comfort as the central point of each product.

Plasma Frecan

The definitive recirculation.
Eliminates 96% of odors, allergens and pollutants.


The Frecan Plasma filter has been specially designed to purify kitchen air and is easy to install on practically all types of extractor hoods (existing or new). When the hood is switched on, the airflow is driven towards the Frecan Plasma air filter. The airflow is detected by a sensor that is automatically activated and deactivated. The airflow, which contains a certain quantity of contaminated air, is efficiently cleaned by the correct quantity of plasma. Odours, pollen, allergen, grease and other dense impurities are removed from the air. The electronic filter is simultaneously activated and all the particles are attracted and eliminated.


Cylindrical Plasma Frecan 1000m3/h  -  90371

Cylindrical Plasma Frecan 600m3/h    -  90372

Flat Plasma Frecan 800m3/h                -  90373

Cylindrical Plasma Frecan with box 600m3/h -  90374