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Product Features

  • Ease of clean and maintain

Solid Laminate coated with antistatic polymeric resin and minimum pores on the surface is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Scratch and impact resistance

The tough surface of Solid Laminate with special scratch-resistant and impact-resistant features is ideal for high traffic area.

  • Moisture-resistance and Timeless

Solid Laminate with its high density structure can withstand humidity leaving it looking timeless.

  • Durability

Solid Laminate is manufactured through high pressure and heat forming a dense and tough structure giving its durable physical property.

  • Resistance to cigarette burns and Noncombustible

Solid Laminate resistance to cigarette burns; couple with it physical properties of noncombustible and low formaldehyde emission; is suitable for public areas.

  • Good antistatic and Non-conductive

Solid Laminate is a thermosetting resin board which is manufactured by stacking up melamine resin and phenol resin base layers. Thermosetting resin does not store static; hence antistatic. It is especially appropriate to apply in areas where it is highly sensitive to static.

  • Easy processing and economical

Solid Laminate is more economical due to easy processing and installation.

  • Anti-Bacterial Grade Solid Laminate

Unique Anti-Bacterial Solid Laminate are available for places stressing antimicrobial, such as restaurant, laboratory, hospitals or any place sanitation is utmost importance.