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Staron Gallery


Innovative Designs

  • Endless styling options
  • Seamless surface material integration
  • With over 140 color offerings, transform the area with a touch of vibrancy and sophistication

Exceed Beyond the Original Standard

  • Easy to restore - keeping the surface completely new
  • Resistant to hard impact and scratches
  • Staron can be thermoformed to accomodate unique space offerings
  • Resistant to high temperatures

Warm Ambience

  • Make an unforgettable impression to prospective clients
  • Accentuates the existing space



Versatile Solution

  • Staron is also available in (1/4") thickness for interior wall-cladding applications
  • Resistant to scratches and harsh chemicals

Make an Impression with Stylish Interior Design

  • Incorporate 2D/3D designs
  • Panels may be thermoformed to accommodate curved walls or to wrap interior columns

Push Beyond the Boundaries

  • Staron Solid surface material can create unlimited design possibilities



  • Non-porous material that deters bacteria growth
  • Easy to maintain a clean space


  • Strong material that is not affected by temperature changes
  • Easy surface restoration option that keeps the surface feeling "new"


  • Endless variety of styling forms
  • Smooth seamless surface detailing of styled forms
  • Beautiful color and patterns for assortment of design choices