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Radianz Gallery

Learn about the various designs and color options available with Radianz.
The wide range of Radianz colors will bring your creativity to life.


Innovative design meets inspiring ideas

  • Provide a pleasant working environment

Dependable Solution

  • Resistant to scratches
  • Each work station or desk area will have exact matching color, providing uniform design and color tone

Safe Material

  • Eco-friendly material with excellent chemical resistance - SCS, Green-Guard, LEED Certified
  • Safe material that is heat resistant in case of fires


Meeting the Highest Standard

  • NSF51 Certified
  • Class a fire rating certified
  • SCS certified

Dependable Solution

  • Non-porous surfacing material eliminates the growth of bacteria, fungi or mold
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Non-toxic material

Diverse Execution of Interior Concept Styling

  • Beautiful color and patterns for assortment of design choices
  • Timeless color uniformity


Food Contact Compliant and Safe Surface Matieral

  • NSF Certified
  • Non-porous material that deters bacteria growth
  • Easy to maintain a clean space

Solid Material That is Easy to Maintain

  • Strong material that is not affected by temperature changes
  • Easy maintenance and management

Safe Material

  • Eco-friendly material with excellent chemical resistance