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GUTMANN Technology


If the ventilation in the kitchen is ineffective and insufficient, the removal of the large amounts of moisture created during cooking cannot be guaranteed. GUTMANN produces extractor hoods with more efficient suction. Filters with a high flow speed ensure the immediate removal of moisture and prevent residue from forming on furniture and walls. GUTMANN is able to achieve these high flow speeds thanks to the pressure stable motor, the perfect filter technology and fully welded hood bodies.


Trust the ventilation specialist GUTMANN. Poor extraction could affect your health.


People's wishes are of manifold nature. Everyone has their own ideas and expectations. Each hood from the GUTMANN company is therefore an individually created work of art, built by people for people, of unique quality and value. Aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics join together to create a holistic combination of design, shape and colour, expression and perception. Whether concealed or as a design element, for an open or closed room concept, for new or refurbished buildings, GUTMANN supplies the appropriate solution for a perfect ventilation system that meets any requirements due to its special extraction method, powerful blowers and various design options.

GUTMANN Extraction variants:

Ceiling extraction
Due to the suction at the edge of the hood glass (edge extraction), a current is generated just below the ceiling, which flows toward the hood due to the use of innovative technology. Fumes and vapours rise upwards due to their own thermal dynamics, are collected there by the circulating flow and picked up by the ceiling-mounted model.
Please observe: lining necessary up to 50 cm.

Nozzle extraction
A new type of extraction takes place via a stainless steel panel situated above the centre section of the hood Tierra - nozzle extraction, another innovative development from the GUTMANN company.
An extremely high and efficient flow speed is achieved by the nozzle effect, which excellently absorbs and removes the steam generated in the middle of the flue during cooking. The completely detachable stainless steel element is not only a visually attractive component of the hood geometry, but also enables the technically necessary circulation and ease of cleaning.

Full-surface extraction
The vapours formed during cooking are extracted over the full surface i.e. from all sides. This extraction method is particularly advisable for devices with high vapour volumes.

Edge extraction
The rising fumes are extracted to the outer edges of the hood body and conducted to the grease filter behind it. Due to the high flow speed at the edge of the extractor hood, next to no cooking fumes at all can escape into the kitchen, even at low motor levels. There are almost no turbulences, the pick-up effect is high and deflection effects are insignificant. The air does not first flow into the kitchen, but directly into the extractor hood. The efficiency increase resulting from the edge extraction allows operation at low power levels, thus leading to lower power consumption and less noise development. Recommendable for restricted freedom of planning with regard to the width of the hood and the wish for concealed filters.

Edge corner extraction
Any fumes possibly not fully collected by the central slot extractor in the middle are extracted at the corner edge at the latest by the extraction effect arising between the used elements (glass, stainless steel). Deposits are avoided.


In general, active charcoal filters are being used whenever exhaust air operations are not possible for structural reasons and the exhaust air cannot be vented into the outside air. In this case, the vapors are captured over the cooking surface and purified by a grease filter. Prior to returning the purified air into the room, the active carbon filter also removes any odors. The new patented GUTMANN re-circulation process utilizes the highly effective extrusion process involving mineral coal to manufacture an active charcoal filter honeycomb element that can be regenerated in any household oven. Its large surface guarantees the absorption performance. Thanks to the laminar streams in the honeycomb channel, the air resistance that develops is only minimal and the noise level is greatly reduced.

In conjunction with this new development, a variant of the external air re-circulation version can also be implemented.


GUTMANN is conscious of the importance of the overall combination of a perfectly functioning ventilation system. Therefore, GUTMANN also offers numerous blower variants, which meet the demands various spatial conditions.

GUTMANN motors are extremely powerful and have a long time while producing very little noise. All blowers are constructed in such a manner that they can be used almost anywhere.

GUTMANN blower technology:

  • high flow speed at the filter
  • efficient extraction and correspondingly extremely reduced odour problem
  • safety in the household due to optimised solutions in case of the simultaneous use of a flue, gas cookers, etc.
  • Individual wishes with regard to appearance, material or colour design possible in accordance with pattern

GUTMANN radial blowers are speciality products. They are used in hoods in cases where particularly high outputs or volume flow rates are required and are characterised by their great pressure stability.