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Stream Technology

Products designed for anyone who loves the highest technologic solutions provided for by home automation, which are people-oriented, simple and intuitive at the same time. For anyone who wants smart systems that are able to communicate with each other, and to monitor and improve kitchen air. The hoods in the Stream product line wirelessly communicate with Elica hobs, detecting cooking zones.

Hoods and Hobs communicate with each other for our well-being . In the stream line, the quality and quantity of cooking vapors and odors are recognized. The system processes data and adjusts performances. It optimizes consumption and aspiration capacity.

How STREAM works?

1. The Cooktop communicates the number and power of functioning zones and the presence of pots to the cooker hood.

2. The hood recognises the amount of steam from the cooking zone and reacts in real time, activating the optimum level of functioning.

3. The hoof also analyses the quality of emitted steam and self-regulates to ensure perfect air quality.

4. The hood switches off automatically when fume suction is no longer required, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.