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Elica Product Features



The technical skill of designers and the expertise of the team of technicians who assemble the products, merge into a single element born of passion, attention to detail and innovation, that finds expression in the product installed in homes around the globe. Passion for design and attention to quality, give way to passion for the customer at the time of purchase.

All models undergo checks and laboratory tests to ensure: efficient suction, electrical safety, low noise and high reliability. But that’s not all! At the end of the production line, checks are conducted on samples to ascertain functional quality, aesthetic and packaging quality.

The focus on the quality of the product continues into distribution, and does not culminate after the delivery into homes around the globe. Elica provides an outstanding level of service and labor should the unexpected happen; through our Warranty Service Provider, Service Power.



LED Light

These hoods are equipped with a lighting system based on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, guaranteeing high quality cooktop illumination that makes the cooking process as easy as possible. In addition, they last ten times longer than traditional bulbs and provide an electrical energy saving 90%.


High Performance

These hoods can be equipped with an external motor system, where the motor is installed outside the kitchen environment or even outside the house itself. Compared to the same model with an internal motor, the external motor improves airflow performance by 35% and reduces perceived noise level by 20%.


Elica Deep Silence (EDS3)

The hoods equipped with the Elica Deep Silence (EDS3) system are the quietest in the world. The technology employed allows the hood to function with the lowest level of noise possible – in fact, at low speeds, there is no perceptible noise at all. This reduction in domestic noise pollution of more than 35% with respect to traditional cooker hoods is rather like comparing a bustling office environment where everyone is talking at once with one or two people chatting quietly in a library. While noise level is reduced, airflow performance remains unaffected: in fact, the hoods that come with EDS3 are amongst the most powerful and efficient available on the market. EDS3 is an exclusive Elica patent.


Exclusive Materials

These Products display Elica’s ongoing research into beauty and functionality through the choice of cutting edge forms and materials. Each hood is unique in its own way: hand-blown glass by Venetian craftsmen, techno polymer surfaces, sophisticated polished steel, natural leather, metallic mesh and visible microperforated steel filters. Materials that surprise and delight every one of our sense, combined with impeccable performance and functionality.



Products developed around the Evolution system, which has revolutionized the world of kitchen ventilation. Airflow system, grease and odour filters and lighting (for the cooktop, and, in some versions, for the surrounding area in the kitchen) are all packed into a compact steel cylinder. Evolution hoods are light and elegant design objects that integrate smoothly with the most sophisticated environment. Evolution is an exclusive Elica patent.


Ambient Light

We need light to see, to play, to cook, to live. All Elica hoods provide high quality lighting for the cooktop. In addition, hoods equipped with Ambient Light also spread light into the surrounding area An extra light source to illuminate and animate your kitchen.


Low Consumption

The low power consumption of Elica products is ensured by the innovative system Synairgy and the control interface Chef Control.

Synairgy is the world's most efficient suction system for extractor hoods, and it will reduce your carbon footprint by cutting electricity consumption by 50% compared to traditional hoods. Synairgy combines, in perfect synergy, a low-noise electrical system with an intelligent electronic control system that can adjust itself automatically. 
Chef Control is the innovative digital control that sets optimum suction according to the type of cooking. What's more, the special Silent and Booster functions immediately cater for the most common needs: minimum noise for unobtrusive operation or maximum power to extract particularly intense fumes or vapours.