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Durasein Color Collection

Computer Monitor representation of colors may vary from actual samples. Please view actual sample before purchasing to evaluate colors, pattern, veining and surface finish.

VINO Series

PAW001 Knight White

PAW005 Niagara

PAW009 Sakal

PAW013 Royal

PAW014 Sierra

PAW015 Deep Wood

PAW016 Silver Pearl

PAW017 Drift Sand

PAW018 Dune

PAW019 Nightfall

PAW021 Lava

PAW022 Meteor Shower

PAW023 Monson

PAW043 Bamboo

PAW045 Travertine

PAW053 Meteor Night

PAW054 Microlite Travertine

PAW055 Earthen Travertine

Solid Colors Series

PM201 Glacier White

PM138 Grey Quartz

PM202 Hot

PM205 Sandy Yellow

PM206 Nocturne

PM211 Mandarin

PM267 Vanilla

PM4006 Coffe Bean

PM4020 Glacier Ice

PM4049 Alpi White

PM4074 Natural White

PM4081 Steel Grey

PM4094 Grape Green

PM4187 Purple

PM4190 Blue

Small Particle Series

PM512 Dusk

PM811 Lodestar

PM4378 Creamed Sand

PM4458 Glitter White

PM4460 Glitter Black

PM4462 Miyu

PM4466 Rice Paper

PM4703 Dovetail

Medium Particle Series

PM230 Azure

PM4244 Acadia

PM4290 Dove

PM4237 Sienna Brown

PM4340 Slancio Grey

PM4355 Sanded Beige

PM4370 Milky Sands

PM4371 Sand Castle

PM4374 Grand Canyon

PM4463 Chez Linen

PM4768 Silver Falls

PM4822 Frosted Land

PM4872 Glacier Tundra

PM4874 Bella Vista

PM4875 Iceberg

PM8217 Raffia

Large Particle Series

PM101 Gemini

PM112 Tambora

PM803 Sahara

PM951 Ice Black

PM4255 Festival

PM4407 Snowy

PM4791 Crema Torrazzo

PM4808 Bean

PM4819 Montagna

PM4823 Blue Crystal

PM4840 Limestone