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About Vision-Magic

Vision-Magic® is a solid surface material OEM made by Guangzhou Relang Industrial Co., Ltd., which was firstly created more than 15 years ago. Vision-Magic® solid surface PM 100% acrylic line is an advanced blend of natural minerals ATH, pigments and pure acrylic polymer and the CM blended acrylic budgetary line is an advanced blend of natural minerals ATH, acrylic+ polyester polymer and pigments.

In 2009 Relang Industrial has invested an imported new fully computerized continuously casting stainless steel line same as those renowned solid surfaces brand production in the world, this capital investment has led Relang Industrial solid surfaces manufacturing standard as good as world renowned solid surfaces brand names.

Vision-Magic ® Solid Surfaces has been certified by ISO 9001:2000 SGS UK, the international quality assurance system; and also certified by NSF51 US for Food Equipment materials.

All Vision-Magic Solid Surfaces have passed the tests conducted by the State Building Material Testing Center (200120848) and the State Chemical Building Material Testing Center (NO:2001221). Vision-Magic® Solid Surfaces’ manufacturer - Guangzhou Relang Industrial Co., Ltd., is one of the participating enterprises to establish the national standard of solid surface field in China.

Vision-Magic® PM Line Solid Surface is a versatile, acrylic decorative surfacing material, which is suitable for multiple commercial and residential indoor applications. Its exceptional translucence, its charming textures products and 100 number of colors, its resistance to stains and chemical, its effortless fabrication, heat thermoform feature, inconspicuous seam installation, and its hygienic characteristics make it the ideal material for kitchen tops ,sinks, vanity tops, washbasins, shower trays, wall panel, laboratory tables, working tables, office desks and commercial interiors, whether architects, designers, contractors or private individuals, Vision-Magic® Solid Surface appeals to everyone wishing to work with a high capacity material and aesthetically pleasing

Vision-Magic® CM Line Solid Surface is also a versatile, acrylic decorative surfacing material for budgetary project for which is not requiring the thermoform application and that area close to direct sunlight area.