Do we need to put sealer or colour enchanting coating on the surfaces of sandblasted texture finish Quartz Stone?

The feature and benefit of Quartz Surfaces is the hard and non-porous structure properties, it means the dirt, acid and alkaline will not stain, penetrate and into the stone core,therefore by nature it provides a non stain surfaces for worktop for easy maintenance, on the contrary the sealer coating also cannot penetrating into the Quartz Surfaces, it only left on the surface, it means that if the Quartz Worktop is applied the sealer or colours enhanced coat it will eventually come off from the Surfaces especially with water splashing or washing area.

For the lighter tone sandblasted finish there are not much difference of colour by applying coating only those darker colour ie. black and grey, but it is not recommended to put sealer or colour enriched agent although the sandblasted black and Grey have some whitening look after doing the sandblasted process, it shows natural grey-white and black-white colour, it is the genuine natural look of stone after sandblasted process.

Consumers are reminded to aware of this natural whitening look, don’t try to put coating on kitchen worktop otherwise it needs frequently refinishing work the coating but in some case as the water is penetrating underneath the coating during daily use and washing, this will cause much trouble in touch up these white stains mark though you put another new coating on it.
Consumers only could put the sealer or colour enhancing coating on those decorative application without water usage, such as interior wall cladding, lobby flooring, windows sill and staircase etc.

The sandblasted texture surfaces with fine rough surface, as finishing nature, the tiny fine gain could track some tiny particle or dirt but it could be cleaned by vacuum cleaner then swift by cloth or even brushing by water for some tough dirts no worry for stains it only leave on surface of stone.

Please consult our sales specialist for the technical details, sandblasted finish is a kind of welcome natural look finish, if you use it in the good design application, it definitely make a good natural look and feel for your home and kitchen.

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石英石面材的特性和優點是自然色彩,硬度和非多孔結構特性, 這意味著污垢、酸性和鹼性不會容易沾染或穿透到石芯中, 因此它提供了一種不著色的檯面表面,易於維護清潔, 這獨特性使封口塗層也不能穿透石英表面,只留在表面上, 這意味著如果石英檯面是塗上封口或顏色增色塗層,它將最終從表面慢慢脫落,特別是受到水濺或每日洗滌區域.

對於較色調淺顏色塗上塗層或增色塗層,並不存在太大的顏色差異,只有那些深色的顏色,具有明顯的效果, 即黑色和灰色色調.

但我們始終不建議塗層或增色塗層,放在深色的顏色上, 儘管噴砂處理黑與灰的面板,在做噴砂處理過程中做成一定的白霧的外觀,這正顯現了灰白色和黑白顏色的自然風化的顏色.

提醒消費者們注意這自然美白的外觀, 如果你真的喜歡原始的自然外觀,不要試圖把塗層或增色塗層,在這些深色的顏色噴砂處理廚房檯面,否則它需要不時經常修補塗層工作, 在廚房檯面的情況下,在日常使用,洗滌和清潔工作使水滲透在塗層下面,這將造成很大的麻煩,雖然你可以把另一個新的塗層加上但也不能解決白印的問題。


噴砂處理紋理表面有一個精細的粗糙表面, 作為精加工的性質, 微小的細石小粒可以收儲一些微小的污垢, 但它可以用吸塵器清潔,然後迅速通過濕布或甚至刷水去除一些強污垢不用擔心汚漬留在石頭的表面上。

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