From now on, Vision I will be the sole distribution of DURASEIN in Hong Kong. All new product collection will be available soon!

Durasein an US brand 100% solid surfaces, it has a brand new production plant in Zhuhai, China with the latest new continous casting stainless steel belt production line and computerised QA control system producing perfect quality Acrylic solid surfaces – Durasein. We will start to supply for the Government APB renovation jobs new contract – Schedule of Rate 2016#8237 2017-2021 through our Government APB exclusive dealer Collection Group Ltd.-

Durasein shall apply in all public school, hospital, institution and public unitises areas.

Durasein is 100% Acrylic Based Solid Surface, having perfect quality and produce in Zhuhai production plant.

由現在開始,Vision I (International) Ltd 正式成為 Durasein 獨家分銷商。全新的產品系列將會很快跟大家見面。

Durasein 是100%實體面材的美國品牌,今年度還珠海增設新一代廠房及嚴緊的品質管理系統,以達致高品質的實體面材!我們將會提供材料細政府 APB 更新工程合約:Schedule of Rate 2016#8237 2017-2021,由 Collection Group Ltd 提供。(政府 APB特約分銷商)