It is time to change and get evolution. Evolution for the best is the theme of Lotte x Vision I Brand Event Night at Royal Plaza Hotel in 30 August 2016.

We are pleased to welcome Lotte Advanced Material team from Korea to join with us and have a great evening.

First ever showed the real display cooler in the event.

In the event, we showed the latest colours collection – Staron Supreme and this is the first we displayed the real solid surface in public and all the guest really in love and took lots of photos with these display colours.

On the beginning of the event, our Event MC – April have a welcome speech to welcome all the guests came tonight and introduced Lotte Advanced Material team and Vision I Managing Director Mr. Ringo Cheung.

Mr. Ringo Cheung have a speech of Staron 10 years review in Hong Kong.


Mr. Rodney Tam is talking about the famous TV Broadcast Ad. – 大長今 in 2005.

Lotte Advanced Material team from Korea is introducing the "CHANGE" from Samsung to Lotte. It is a big change, but this change will be better than before. All quality will be same as what you want.

Before dinner start, we invited our managing director and Lotte Advanced material team from Korea to go up to the stage and celebrate this great night.



At the event, we also prepared lucky draws to play with our guests included Lotte Advanced Materials team. Our Prizes are Elica Marie SFD with Capsules and collection. Total prizes value over HK$50,000.

Lotte Advanced Material x Vision I gave away authorised certificate to our Fabricators and Dealers.

At last, Lotte x Vision I team took a team photo. This is a very good experience and history for Lotte and Vision I in Hong Kong market.