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Q&A - sandblasted texture of Quartz Stone

Do we need to put sealer or colour enchanting coating on the surfaces of sandblasted texture finish Quartz Stone?

The feature and benefit of Quartz Surfaces is the hard and non-porous structure properties, it means the dirt, acid and alkaline will not stain, penetrate and into the stone core,therefore by nature it provides a non stain surfaces for worktop for easy maintenance, on the contrary the sealer coating also cannot penetrating into the Quartz Surfaces, it only left on the surface, it means that if the Quartz Worktop is applied the sealer or colours enhanced coat it will eventually come off from the Surfaces especially with water splashing or washing area.

For the lighter tone sandblasted finish there are not much difference of colour by applying coating only those darker colour ie. black and grey, but it is not recommended to put sealer or colour enriched agent although the sandblasted black and Grey have some whitening look after doing the sandblasted process, it shows natural grey-white and black-white colour, it is the genuine natural look of stone after sandblasted process.

Consumers are reminded to aware of this natural whitening look, don’t try to put coating on kitchen worktop otherwise it needs frequently refinishing work the coating but in some case as the water is penetrating underneath the coating during daily use and washing, this will cause much trouble in touch up these white stains mark though you put another new coating on it.
Consumers only could put the sealer or colour enhancing coating on those decorative application without water usage, such as interior wall cladding, lobby flooring, windows sill and staircase etc.

The sandblasted texture surfaces with fine rough surface, as finishing nature, the tiny fine gain could track some tiny particle or dirt but it could be cleaned by vacuum cleaner then swift by cloth or even brushing by water for some tough dirts no worry for stains it only leave on surface of stone.

Please consult our sales specialist for the technical details, sandblasted finish is a kind of welcome natural look finish, if you use it in the good design application, it definitely make a good natural look and feel for your home and kitchen.

Please call us at 2370 9932 or www.vision-i.com.hk

New Elica Cooker Hood Display in Built-in Pro

Elica new Display Booth in the BuiltinPro North Point Flatship Store just opened to consumer, the Elica display booth is including the new Black LOL 90CM Cooker Hoods, True Builtin Hoods Models “Hidden” and “Filo” Plus Elica Induction Hob Golden 805, Diamond 604 and the New Aspiration hob “NIKOLATESLA”.

Vision I’s Managing Director Mr.Ringo TM Cheung accompanied with Elica Asia Pacific, Area Manager Mr. Giovanni C visited the new display booth to officiate the opening of the booth for public, please visit Built-in Pro Flat Ship Built-in Appliances Store/ Showrooms to have a actual test of those products and buy directly at the store or you can call us for details at 2370 9932 / visit www.vision-i.com.hk

Elica Pro Eurpoa can find in Elica Dealer " Kitench"

The Elica Home Professional Cooker Hoods “Pro Europa” with twin motors and producing strong airflow of 1250m3/h but with low noise level 44-67 DB, professional stainless filter and oil collector, it provides easy maintenance and durability of the filter to customer satisfaction, Pro Europa your professional partner in your home kitchen, stock is available in 90/120&150cm for different needs of your kitchen.

Try an Feel the performance of Elica Pro Europa
Elica Dealer - Kitench
G/F 58 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay.

SANTAMARGHERITA - Now you can find in different mall in Hong Kong

Italy SANTAMARGHERITA supply contract for Sun Hung Kai / Morgan Stanley prestigious commercial building, Grand Central Plaza at Sha Tin office tower renovation is using five beautiful natural marble based reconstituted stone, special Italian Santamargherita original factory cut beveled edge CTS tiles and slabs of 5300m/3 for the office tower renovation in the area of main office lift lobbies flooring, toilet corridors walling, toilet flooring and walling.

The In-House SHK designer/ Project Manager is using 1mm short & 6mm long bevel edge and mixing of three different sizes 198x600mm 298x600mm and 398x600mm for the toilet and corridor walling in creating a good looking, mix and match result from the mono beige tone Italian natural marble stone effect, it makes the whole new lobbies and toilet to have a natural and elegant look and feels.

Gutmann - New stock arrival

Gutmann one of the famous brand in German. All Gutmann Cooker Hoods are made in germen with high tech, performance and quality. The first batch of new stock shall arrive end of July 2017, but only left very small qty as most of it has been confirmed by dealers, we have placed new order to Gutmann factory today and asked for speedy production, the new order goods should ex factory end of July before Europe Summer vacation, the second new batch of goods tentatively arrival mid of Sept, please reserve your Palma asap from your dealer to avoid missing the new arrival stock.

Contact us for more detail info@vision-i.com.hk or phone us (852) 2370 9932.

Elica - Latest model (LOL) coming this August

Vision I's Elica 2017 new stock model LOL 90CM shall be arrival mid of August, the model LOL with 900m3/h and simple rotative control knob for ON/OFF function,3 speed and 1 boast speed selection, a clear, simple and easy operation cooker hoods for enduser in the line, it also comes with stainless steel and special embossed matt black finish, it matching well with black colour hobs at your kitchen.

The 45CM depth of cooker hoods is also matching well aligned with the wall kitchen cabinets in the same size.

New Product Collection and Sole Distribution - DURASEIN


From now on, Vision I will be the sole distribution of DURASEIN in Hong Kong. All new product collection will be available soon!


Durasein an US brand 100% solid surfaces, it has a brand new production plant in Zhuhai, China with the latest new continous casting stainless steel belt production line and computerised QA control system producing perfect quality Acrylic solid surfaces - Durasein. We will start to supply for the Government APB renovation jobs new contract - Schedule of Rate 2016#8237 2017-2021 through our Government APB exclusive dealer Collection Group Ltd.


Durasein shall apply in all public school, hospital, institution and public unitises areas.

Durasein is 100% Acrylic Based Solid Surface, having perfect quality and produce in Zhuhai production plant.

VSTORE - November Special Discount

VSTORE pleased to announce a new special promotion for all our friends. From 11 Nov 2016 to 1 Jan 2017, you can get following special offer to get one or two pack(s) scents collection(s) for FREE.

Option 1:

Buy 2 Elica Marie SFD (Black/White/Red), Get 1 free pack of Scents Collection (Chef Secret Collection/Senses Emotion Collection)

Option 2:

Buy 2 Elica Marie SFDs (Black/White/Red), Get 1 free pack of Scents Collections (Chef Secret Collection/Senses Emotion Collection)

*All offer while stock last

*Vision I (International) Ltd. reserved all rights and final decision any argument.

Air quality and its infinite nuances has always been a major focus for Elica, the company

that revolutionised the image of kitchen hoods all over the world.

The experience of Elica has now conceived Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser, an innovative design article that neutralizes smells in the kitchen and naturally perfumes the air in the home.

2016 Lotte x Vision I Brand Event Night @ Royal Plaza Hotel

On 30th August 2016, The Vision I (international) Ltd. The Authorized Distributor of the Solid Surfaces Staron and Quartz Surfaces Radianz jointly organized with the brand principal Lotte Advanced Materials Ltd./Lotte Chemical / Lotte Group for the brand event night- Evolution For The Best at the Grand Ballroom of the Royal Plaza Hotel.

Lotte Chemical brought the Samsung Chemical Business Unit in May this year of which is including the Samsung SDI / Staron & Radianz Surfaces business unit.

The official migration of the master brand name of Samsung to Lotte brand and the Samsung master brand officially ceased in end of 2016, all the new materials production since May has been changed to Lotte Staron & Radianz brand for all the new productions products since May, however all existing stock products are still using Samsung master until the stock last.

The Brand Event night was officiated the brand changed ceremony with all customers, Authorized Dealers and Fabricators by the Lotte Business Team from Korea headquarter and Chinese business team.

The Chief Legal Representative/ General Manager of the Lotte Chemical Ltd. / Shanghai Headquarter Mr. DG Lee, The General Manager of Staron & Radianz Business, Mr. WS Kim, the team member of the export business Staron & Radianz, Mr. Eungil Cho and The Southern China Region Business Manager, Mr. Steve Wang jointly with the Hong Kong & Macau area & China special account Authorized Distributor, Vision I (international) Ltd. Managing Director, Mr. Ringo TM Cheung held the ceremony of the new era of the Lotte Staron & Radianz Surfaces.

The Brand Event Night started the cocktail reception at 7:00, in the cocktail venue we also displayed the Staron Solid Surfaces new colors line - 10 Marble Vein Pattern / SUPREME Line with picture frame style.
All the Guests felt impressed and with positive comments about the new 10 natural marble look pattern samples.

The event started at 8:35 and our Managing Director, Mr. Ringo TM Cheung welcome all the honorable guests, Authorized Dealers & Fabricators and customers.
Mr. Ringo TM Cheung also conducted the Ten Years Samsung Staron Brand marketing review presentation (2005-2009 & 2010-2016) Mr. Ringo TM Cheung also invited The honorable guest, the Executive Creative Director,The Triangle Marketing, Mr. Rodney Tam to share the creative process and implementation of the two SAMSUNG STARON launching TV Advertisement 2005 "Three Small Lady - Palace of Jewels" and 2007 The New Colors - Tempest / Three Talents meets Staron Program/ What the Kitchen is Bigger and Staron marketing programs from the year 2005-2009.

In following our Mr. Ringo TM Cheung presentation, Mr. Eungil Cho from Lotte Staron and Radianz export business team did a presentation of the introduction of Lotte Group and the CHANGE and evolution of the brand. The change is changing but nothing change.

In the event night, Lotte's management team also joined with our Managing Director, Mr. Ringo TM Cheung to did the presentation again the Lotte Staron & Radianz Products Authorized Dealers and Certified Fabricators Certification to all the 70 company. There were some 160 guests attended the memorable brand event night.

The Event Night also arranged Selfie Photos booth for the guests for them to keep good memory, Live band with Singer for enriched and entertained all the guests,Table Prize and Lucky draw for the value of HKD$50,000 Elica Smart Fragrances Diffuser and Fragrances.

All Guests felt excited and enjoyed much the night so much for the brand event night.

It is time to change and get evolution. Evolution for the best is the theme of Lotte x Vision I Brand Event Night at Royal Plaza Hotel in 30 August 2016.

We are pleased to welcome Lotte Advanced Material team from Korea to join with us and have a great evening.

First ever showed the real display cooler in the event.

In the event, we showed the latest colours collection - Staron Supreme and this is the first we displayed the real solid surface in public and all the guest really in love and took lots of photos with these display colours.

On the beginning of the event, our Event MC - April have a welcome speech to welcome all the guests came tonight and introduced Lotte Advanced Material team and Vision I Managing Director Mr. Ringo Cheung.

Mr. Ringo Cheung have a speech of Staron 10 years review in Hong Kong.

Mr. Rodney Tam is talking about the famous TV Broadcast Ad. - 大長今 in 2005.

Lotte Advanced Material team from Korea is introducing the "CHANGE" from Samsung to Lotte. It is a big change, but this change will be better than before. All quality will be same as what you want.

Before dinner start, we invited our managing director and Lotte Advanced material team from Korea to go up to the stage and celebrate this great night.


Guests are celebrate with us!! Yeah~ Dinner Start!

At the event, we also prepared lucky draws to play with our guests included Lotte Advanced Materials team. Our Prizes are Elica Marie SFD with Capsules and collection. Total prizes value over HK$50,000.

Lotte Advanced Material x Vision I gave away authorised certificate to our Fabricators and Dealers.

At last, Lotte x Vision I team took a team photo. This is a very good experience and history for Lotte and Vision I in Hong Kong market.

Want to see more photos? Click here!

Notice from SAMSUNG SDI Ltd

Per the advice form Samsung SDI Ltd formal notice, the Samsung chemical division business of which is including the Staron & Radianz business unit has been sold to Korean the fifth largest multi-national corporation Lotte Chemical, The official transaction has just been completed last week, therefore we are passing the official notice from Samsung SDI for the said change your kind reference.


With effective of May, the master logo of Samsung will not use in the Staron & Radianz Surfaces product until the stock last, however the Samsung master log can still be used for some time until end of the year. Lotte Chemical shall inform the official date later, we shall let you know once we have received the deadline date accordingly.


With effective of May, we shall supply the Staron and Radianz products with Samsung Logo until our Hong Kong warehouse stock and Korea factory stock last. For those new production from Korea factory orders will be changed to Lotte Staron and Radianz logo.


The New Lotte Staron and Radianz Business unit everything remains unchanged and providing good quality products and reliable services to all customers as usual.


If you have any enquiry, please contact us via email info@vision-i.com.hk or call us (852) 2370 9932

Elica Marie arrive to JSELECT soon!

Good News!

Elica Marie SFD will arrive JSELECT very soon! 5 different colours and 15 different fragrance will be available.


JSELECT Website:




Sha Tin Shop

Address: Shop 327-328, 3/F, HomeSquare, Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin

Phone: 3180 3050

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Tseung Kwan O Shop

Address: Shop F57-58, PopCorn, Tseung Kwan O

Phone: 3180 3450

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM / Sat - Sun 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM


Kowloon Tong Shop

Address: Shop G-28, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong

Phone: 3180 3038

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

SAMSUNG Staron Supreme Collection arrived

The latest Samsung Staron Collection - Supreme are arrived at Vision I (international) Ltd. Include following colours: Delphi, Ocean View, Loam, etc.... If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us by email "info@vision-i.com.hk" or call us "(852) 2370 9932.




Ocean View



Elica - Marie SFD arrived Broadway

Elica Marie SFD will arrived at Broadway on 18 March 2016. There will have 3 shop in Kowloon side selling: Ocean Centre - Tsim Sha Tsui, The Element - Kowloon Station, Festival Walk - Kowloon Tong. At the same time, there will have real display to let all of you try and feel 10 different fragrances.


Wanna try Elica MARIE SFD? Just visit following three Broadway Store to try and buy it~

1. Tsim Sha Tsui

Shop 341, Level 3, Ocean Centre, Harbour City

2. Kowloon Station

Shop 1074, Elements, Kowloon Station

3. Kowloon Tong

Shop MTR-02, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong

Elica - Marie SFD

Air quality and its infinite nuances has always been a major focus for Elica, the company that revolutionised the image of kitchen hoods all over the world.

The experience of Elica has now conceived Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser, an innovative design article that neutralizes smells in the kitchen and naturally perfumes the air in the home.



Neutralisation and perfuming

  • 5 “Neutralyx” fragrances for the kitchen, 5 fragrances for all the rooms.

Safe, interchangeable capsules

  • Practical and reusable, alcohol- free, naturalLY based fragrances.

Wherever you like

  • Remote control and wireless mobility for use in the kitchen and all over the house.

A simple daily task

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to fill.


The cold technology used for Marie avoids the device overheating, allowing safe, practical use.
A motor drives air through the capsule, spreading the fragrance throughout the room.

To activate Marie you only need to insert
a capsule and touch the logo or use the remote control.
You can choose between two programmes:

  • 60 minutes continuous
  • 10 minutes ON and 10 minutes OFF

Marie works with a lithium battery (the USB charger cable is included).

VSTORE - 2016 Lucky Bag

Big Deal for you only! Coming this Sunday (21 Feb 2016), VSTORE will launch a limited lucky bag promotion for you to bring ELICA MARIE SFD and Fragrance back home. Still waiting for?Take action and bring these lucky bags home! You can buy it directly from our official online store - VSTORE.



Lucky Bag is a limited edition promotion. Available while stock lasts. All rights reserved by Vision I (international) Ltd. If you have any question, please contact us while phone (852) 2370 9932 or email us - info@vision-i.com.hk

Staron 2015 New Collection

Introducing the New Colours of Staron® - Supreme™ Collection.

Samsung Staron® has introduced the new Supreme™ Collection that adopts the look and beauty of natural stone, while taking on the advantage of the easy maintenance and joining capabilities of solid surface. Releasing 10 new colours, the Supreme™ Collection features distinct wave patterns in different hues and clarities. The ten new colours include Pastoral, Ocean View, Delphi, Cloudbank, Loam, Natural Bridge, Dawn, Magnolia, Dandelion and Presto. Pastoral: The colour is inspired by the elements of a quiet countryside with clear air. The shapes of field and sky are minimised to a hue that expresses an earthy simplicity.


The colour is inspired by the elements of a quiet countryside with clear air. The shapes of field and sky are minimised to a hue that expresses an earthy simplicity.

Ocean View

When the waves break on the shores of a white beach, the foamy water droplets splash apart into organic forms that feel refreshing and natural. In the same way, this pattern emits a subtle shimmer that creates a fresh atmosphere.

This colour brings to life the sublime purity and spirit of white. It features the many definitions within white and it transforms a space with a crisp white background and subtle soft white waves.

This colour combines the duality of a soft white cloudy sky and the grey of the city cement, and soft patterns and cool colours create a soothing environment.

This colour contains deep rich deep browns that express a luxurious and peaceful feeling. With dark earthy tones highlighted by lighter sandy patterns, this colour will create an opulent atmosphere.

Natural Bridge
This colour echoes nature’s soft and lasting limestone, and combines tone-on-tone colours and patterns in a gentle feathery embrace that creates a safe and warm space.

Even the bustle of city life is silenced by the calm warmth of dawn. This pattern emulates rhythmically divided concrete exteriors with re-interpreted greys that produces a tranquil modern space.

Peeking out shyly like the delicate buds of white blooms that have caught drops of moisture in the morning mist, this colour features fine particulates and a soft smoky haze that creates serenity to any application.

Comprised of warm earth tones from nature’s palette and patterns in organic forms, this colour creates an inviting natural atmosphere that is refined.

The dark night, deep sea, and moonlit waves are united in a pattern of black, blue, and green shades whose unknown depths reflect the wonders of mystery. Presto will create a luxurious and distinguished atmosphere to any space.

Source: http://www.austaron.com.au/new_colours_staron_2015.html#.VnlIGjaJZEh

VSTORE - Christmas Sales!

Christmas is coming! Have you chosen the christmas gift for your friends and lovers? If not, this is the chance to let your friends and lovers get a beautiful modern with high technology present! From 20/12/2015 to 31/12/2015 you can get 20% off to buy ELICA SFD and all Fragrance. Don’t miss this chance and buy it now!

Elica - 2016 New Fragrances Capsules for Marie SFD

5 new kind of scents fragrances testing samples arrived Vision I Office, they are the following new scents capsules, we shall test and introduce the new scent fragrances one by one, please take note of the coming smelling note by us,the new fragrances shall add in more flower scents and first mosquitos repellent function.

1)Hungry Wind (Surprising Cheerful Cool Breeze)

2) Lady Grey ( Precious Charming Embracing)

3) Serenity- Citronella Essence ( Freedom Sunny Friendly) special mosquitos repellent function

4) Velvet Suite (Elegant Relaxing Graceful)

5) Sparkling Flowers (Spring Airy Lively


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