Sunflower Corporation established in 1973 manufacturing polyester plywood and plywood based products. Due to superior quality, Sunflower products were quickly accepted by both the international and domestic markets, and were awarded “Distinguished Exporter” each year by the government.

In 1979 with increase market demand, Sunflower invested in the machineries and technology in anufacturing high pressure decorative laminates (HPL), and branded “Sunlite”.

Sunlite, one of the most recognized brand names in the industry today, is always in the forefront of ntroducing new colors and designs in addition to developing new finishes. With 400 + colors and designs along with over 24 + finishes, Sunlite fulfilling the creativity that is within each one of us.

Coupled with innovative finishes and dynamic designs, various available sizes, from 4’X8’ (1220mmX2440mm) to 5’3”X12’ (1600mmX3660mm), allow Sunlite even greater acceptance by the industry populace. Sunlite -- form and functionality.

In providing total solution for interior, Sunflower represents Ober (real veneer) of France, Hanwha (solid surface) of Korea, and Dongwha (flooring) of Korea etc. Sunflower will continuously to seek new epresentations that form strong synergies to better serve our markets.

Sunflower, with its own offices and partners across the region, is to help in executing your designs.

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