Controls:Remote Control 3S + B

Lighting:Strip LED 9W + LED 2X20W 3500K

Max airflow:400(m3/h)

Duct Size:150(mm)

Filter:Grease filter Polyurethane and Revolution Filter

Size:Ø 65(cm)






Interstellar is the new suspended Elica hood that is the ideal size (65 cm) for island kitchen installation. Its remarkable personality makes this hood the focal piece of any space. Starting with the conceptual lines of the iconic product Star, Interstellar mixes mirrored polished steel and 1150 pieces of glass, making the product particularly precious, full of light, and capable of creating a one of a kind atmosphere. The wraparound comforting lighting, is in fact, created by LED strips that regulate brightness, and by a led ring, which is able to perfectly direct light onto the cook top. A sensor that is installed in the hood, automatically detects the type of cooking being carried out and the quantity of vapors emitted, thus calibrating the level of aspiration needed in the best way possible. The aesthetic part can be easily disassembled in three parts and washed in the dishwasher, and the removal of filters is made easier by the use of magnets. Controlled by a remote control, that can access every feature, Interstellar comes in two catalog versions: transparent and black glass. Equipped with a high performance new generation odor filter, in addition to being Snap ready ( connectable with the new innovative Elica SNAP aspiration system, which automatically monitors and improves air quality), this hood is part of the new Téchne product line created to offer top technology and high design , values which have always characterized the Elica brand.


Ambient Light

Elica studies on hood lighting leaves no stone unturned. Here we have thought about products not only able to light the cooktop, but the entire kitchen space. And so the hood is transformed: from a kitchen appliance to a true lighting element. Considering the design of Elica hoods, it is not hard to imagine how this option is quite unique, and represents one extraordinary point of strength for us.

Dim Light

The Dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness of the light as you wish. With Elica, lighting is customized in a discreet, personal and practical way, in order to contribute in creating the perfect kitchen atmosphere.

Easy Installation

The Easy Installation plus has been designed to make the installation of a hood easier; in case the hood is wall mounted, through an adjustment of the appliance alignment between the cabinets; if the hood is built-in mounted, through well explained.

Revolution Filter

This new Elica technology is a must; it is applied to the odour filters and is able to reach filtering levels higher than 82% against the market average of about 60%. This new filter can also regenerate itself and last up to 3 years following the same precautions- the filter must be washed every 2 or 3 months with hot water and mild soap, or in the dishwasher at 65 degrees, and dried in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees. Every single component of Elica hoods finds its 'amazing

Sensor Technology

Some models are equipped with a sensor that is able to make them semi-automatic. This sensor allows the hood to recognize the quality of cooking vapors, and to act on the spot, thus activating the most suitable performance level. Furthermore, thanks to the Sensor Technology, the hood analyzes the quality of the vapors emitted and self-adjusts operation thus guaranteeing perfect air quality.

(Black Glass Version)

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